Customer First , make sure you have a SAFE & SECURE SHOPPING in MRS HAIR® MALL.

What We Can Do For You

We started back in 2006, and have been going strong ever since. With so many years of experience, we have seen it all and we mean that.

When you choose MRS HAIR®, you can be guaranteed that your extensions will reach you in time and will meet all your quality requirements/ the highest quality requirements. .

Wholsale and Retail

We also provide wholesale business for Salon, Store ,Online Store .Contact us and we will reply within 24 hours


We can send Hair to your customers directly , but we will never contact your customers.No need for warehousing

Large stock timely dispatch

We have large stock hair extensions in various length and colors .Once you placed order , we will ship within 24 hours  

Free shipping

Every Orders Enjoy Free Shipping , and No Minimum order Limits . Shop Now  

Why Customers Always Choose MRS HAIR?

We are Manufacturer. Not wholesaler or trading company. We will quote you Factory Price .

We are a Middle sized factory,We will value our each customers .Compared with Big factory doesn't accept orders less than hundreds pcs usually. they only pay more attention to their very big wholesaler. Compared with samall company , they don't have good qulity control.

After Sale-serve : We will follow up your every order , try to solve every questions from you , Hope to extend your business with our products and service .

We have market research department who is very open , sensitive with fashion very much , sometime, we bring you new product and can accpet customized orders with your needs.

The most important : Our quality is always consistent so that we obtain so many back customers. 

How to start your business with MRS HAIR®

I am a hair dresser and would like to work with MRS HAIR ®

This option is ideal for your business and this is exactly why we have hundreds of hair dressers from all over the word.

Your clients will never experience issues when it comes to color choice, length or texture as we will create any combinations and won’t charge you extra.

You will be one of the very few hair dressers in your area that can offer such luxury.

We also different quality grade to meet your different customer requirements.  

I want to use MRS HAIR as a hair supplier for new or existing businesses

- Ability to utilize our own facilities, allowing you to order and / or produce any hair textures or colors of hair without any minimum order requirements or extra fees.

- Drop-shipping service (a direct delivery to your client) with your own or no brand at all.

-Special wholesale membership, which will give you a discount of $6-10 per set.

- Ability to use our machinery and print / design product cards with your own brand. It’s simple, you send us a card design or we design one for you and pack it with the extensions before shipping.

I would like to be a reseller in your online store 

By signing a special contract between you and the company, you will sell MRS HAIR brand hair in your store, this will allow you to: 

- Provide your Pics of MRS HAIR .
- Use MRS HAIR BRAND directly or customized your own brand.
- Purchase hair extensions at a discount rate of $6-10 off and sell them directly under MRS HAIR brand.
- Utilize our drop-shipping service (a direct delivery to the clients).

I am interested in starting my own hair extension businesses but have no experience

- Create your own hair extensions store or blog, which will allow you to become your own boss.

- Provide you with a special wholesale membership at no additional cost, maximizing your profits.

- Consult you and help to establish social networking sites, run store, deliver items and more